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Automatic business data systems
– the key to your success

There are lots of useful data generated along with your business operation.  A large portion of these data is usually wasted if they are not collected or structured.  Our equipment and software can collect, calculate, store, and share your business data to help you make better decisions for your business.

Big data to business is DNA to humans.  Knowing your data and use them for business improvements will make you way ahead of your competitors. Running a business without knowing your business data is like driving a car on the passenger’s seat.  Through the window, you know your car is running and you can figure out the speed of your vehicle.  But you don’t know your gas level, mpg, tire pressure, engine heat, cars behind you, etc.  Our system will put you back on the driver’s seat so you will have full control. Here’s how the system works:

Data Collection:

The collection of the data must be automatic because at this stage we are collecting the raw data before the system decides if they will be used or deleted.  It involves millions of numbers so it is almost impossible to take them down by hand.  Our system collects the data through weight scales, thermometers, digital meters, flow meters, etc to capture the information and transfer to the station.

Data Calculation:

Per our clients’ request, our systems structure the collected data and do the calculation to convert the data to direct, user-friendly information.  We make it happen using application software.

We have the on-shelf version of application software for you to choose from.  We can also customize the software to your exact needs.

Data Storage:

We use cloud servers to store the data and structured information.

Data Sharing:

People with certain access levels can get the data by logging in to the cloud server. The real-time data can be shared worldwide simultaneously.

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Prime Station is a division of Prime System Group, which is a leading manufacturer of data processing and industrial automation equipment. 


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