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PS-CWX320 Series


Best Performance / Price Ratio In The Market!

Gateway Software Combos

Get Gateway Software for FREE with purchase of our equipment

Free Delivery To Commercial Addresses in US 48 Continental States!

Why purchasing equipment from Prime Station? The short answer is “scalability”.

Equipment can work much more efficiently when connected with the network. They are part of a business operating system. They listen to the orders to operate and report the results back to the system. If you purchase an equipment without the integration with a system, even if you don’t connect your equipment with the network yet, you will end up spending much more time and money when you are ready to connect.

Prime Station has built an entire system for our clients.  Without spending more money on each individual equipment, you can connect it to the Prime Station system any time in the future.  With purchase of any equipment from us, you will get the cloud-based data collection Prime Gateway software free of charge for life.  This promotion doesn’t last forever.  Regular price for Prime Gateway software is $39.99 per month.  It can manage your business data so you can watch over your business anywhere, any time.  It can increase your work efficiency by 20%-45%.

Prime Station was designed to be powerful and affordable for every business – even small business.  We believe every business deserves automation.  We believe every business has the opportunity to be on the speedy track to the success.