Why did we name the software system Prime Station?  It started with a wonderful trip to Europe:

It was a beautiful warm afternoon in Paris, 2001.  My girlfriend Lillian and I had just arrived at the Paris airport, ready to start our business trip. We planned to visit customers in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. We didn’t know much about transportation in Europe so we decided to consult an airline agent for the ideal multi-city round trip flight.  Instead of selling us air tickets, the agent told us the best way to get to these places was by taking the fast trains!

Trains? In our mind, trains were related to dirty seats, delayed arrivals, and probably crowded and smelly waiting rooms – definitely not the best way to travel between countries.  However, after checking into our hotel and enjoying a great French meal, we made up our mind to trust the airline agent. The next morning we started our journey.

The train station was huge and organized. After buying our tickets for our entire trip, we were guided to the platform for Brussels. We sat down on chairs directly in front of a message board with a clock to wait for the train.  Surprisingly, the train arrived right on time (accurate to one minute).  The train was clean, comfortable, and FAST!  It arrived at each stop right on time. Every station we stopped at was very organized.  When we stepped out of the stations, we were in the center of the city and the taxies were waiting at our service.  It was the most unforgettable trip of my life.  We accomplished our business visits 2 days earlier than expected thanks to efficient transportation.  So Lillian and I spent some time enjoying the romance in the European cities…

How does this sweet memory have anything to do with our software system?  Well, they sure have something in common: Organize and Optimize.  A train doesn’t run faster than an airplane – especially not 20 years ago. But it beats the airplane because it is designed for convenience.  The train stations are in the middle of the big cities so we don’t have to take a one-hour taxi ride just to arrive at the airport.  There is no line for security checks for the trains.  All the trains can stop at major cities so there are more availabilities for the clients to select their own schedules.

Whenever I sat down and started designing our software, the pictures of these train stations popped up in my mind. So I named our software “Prime Station”.  And we call the application modules in our software “Platforms”. Wherever our clients are heading for, we ensure our system will carry them there in the best way.

Okay, then why “Prime”?  Read on:


Remote control




That’s what PRIME stands for.

An industrial revolution is coming. The business environment will become organized Business Ecosystems.  Each and every business will be linked to each other in order to survive and thrive, instead of battling each other for dominance and profit. This new ecosystem needs a neuro-system to establish. And that’s where Prime Station comes in to play.

Let’s get ready for the new era – we are so proud to be part of it.

By: Edward Pan

Founder of Prime Station System