Super Count World’s Fastest Counting System with 12″x16″ Platform

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World’s fastest counting system available for $999 in its introductory promotion!


Remember when you were a kid, and you tried to count as high as you possibly could? But then it got super boring after a while right? Like… who would want to do that?

So, let me ask you this: why are we okay with doing that in our businesses?

Seriously. Thousands of businesses close their warehouse for days at the end of the year and hire 10 people using 10 counting scales to do inventory, it’s crazy! Don’t they know we’re not kids anymore?

They use traditional scales. Which means they sample every item before counting, record results manually with a pen, and start from scratch the next time they count.

If you’re tired of it like we are, and you’re looking for a more efficient way to count inventory, we’ve got your back!

Using the Prime Systems Super Count Scale System you can do the same job with only one person in one day!

You sample items once, then you’re done forever. Simply print out the bar code item, stick it onto its bin or container, and then, whenever it is time to count, simply place your items on the scale, scan the bar code and you get your count instantly! Then, print out the result or even save it as a CSV file on the cloud. Then, you can download the data whenever you need to adjust inventory.

If you have items of various weights, you can connect 3 scales to the Super Count system. So, you can use the same system to count anything from tiny grains to giant tires at the same time.

Thinking about money? Maybe your wallet’s anticipating some hurt? Let’s ease that pain. Yeah, this system is worth thousands of dollars… but we want to give it to you for only $999.99 including shipping to the US 48 Continental States!! We’re only able to do this for our introduction promotion, so jump on it! Soon the price will go up to $1999.99 (still a great deal, but why would you want to pay more?)


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