CRM & ERP Software for Small Business USA

Prime Station softwares can help businesses collect useful data along with the daily operation. These data can be used for better business decisions to grow and save.

Collect and Manage the Data From the Staff and the Equipment

Prime Station ERP software guides your team to follow the correct workflow and records every detail of the operation. It also comes with built-in CRM to help your sales department and service department.  The ERP system syncs clients and products with Prime Station marketing automation platform and WordPress websites. 

We also provide apps which can be installed on portable devices for the people who change work locations from time to time.

Prime Station Gateway and Interface software can collect the data from the equipment then send them through a local computer or the cloud server.


The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Multiple Platforms, One Station.  Our softwares can be used individually.  They can also be connected each other and synced with data with multiple access levels.

Order Management

Proposals, Sales Orders, Invoices, Mobile Apps…we make every step fast and easy for you and your staff – eliminating human errors.

Data Analytics

Know your business real-time.  Even you are thousands of miles away, our cloud based data will show you everything of your business.

Customer Relation Management

Give your customers the real-time status of their orders, inventory levels or other information at your option. They will love it.

Human Resources

The business data automation can show you the performance of each employee.  It also has a built-in time card system and leave records.

Project Management

Monitor the status and resource of your projects. Maximize the efficiency of your team and optimize the workflow and collaboration.

Marketing Automation

When you have hundreds or thousands of leads, prospects and customers, it becomes necessary to do the marketing automatically.

Shipping Cost Control

You can lose lot of money if you don’t do this tedious work.  Let our system do it automatically for you.

Ticketing System

Help your customers with passion and knowledge.  Let the system follow up and make sure every one gets taken care of.

Ecommerce Platform

Your outlet is your website. Your WordPress site can be synced with your product base automatically.

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  • CRM & ERP Software for Small Business USA